ANNIE by Teressa Tucker
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Teressa Tucker
words and music by Teressa Tucker
guitar by Teressa Tucker
bass by Danny Clay Williams
produced and engnieered by Danny Clay Williams
at Sierra Sonics Recording, Mansion, Reno, NV, USA
January 6, 2007

a love song that replays over and over in a soldier's head
after the I.E.D. took off his legs and claimed his sight...
but his love for Annie gets him through the hard times in
the amputee ward.

written exclusively for the LIVING WITH WAR song upload contest at Neil Young's Garage Newspaper .....
Kinda miss my eyes, but then I'd might finally see
........what happened to my buddies in our company...

Over in Iraq and gladly for our country...
.......when I first went away to war...
oh, I was just in love with Annie.

Annie, my Annie, Annie loves me...blessed my eyes and knees...
Annie, my Annie, Annie's waiting...waiting in Nevada for me...

There still a yellow ribbon around the newspaper-tube for you.
When are you coming home, Johnny, when will the war be through?
When you coming home, Johhny, I really need you.

Annie, my Annie......
Annie loves me.....without my eyes and knees..... Annie, Annie's waiting, waiting in Nevada for me....

Last night in a dream...i was walking along with Annie...she said...
"don't worry what you are fighting's for democracy and me to be free...
You are like the hero's from WWII who've changed history."

Annie...oh my Annie, Annie's waiting, waiting in Nevada for me..
Annie...oh my Annie, You could move mountains, but you still love me. Annie....Annie's waiting...waiting in Nevada for me.

god bless all of you

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Annie, is dedicated to my beautiful and amazing mother,
        Marilyn Mae Muller-Tucker,
who got off the farm in Wisconsin, with 10 bucks to her
name, enlisted in the Army, served our country,and used
the GI bill to become a P.T.Nurse working with the wounded
soldiers during WWII in Colorado when they returned home.

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